2010 IN PICTURES: From Burj Kalifa to Julian Assange

2010 is almost over. The Haiti and Chile earthquakes, the football World Cup, the launch of the Ipad tablet or the rescue of the 33 chilean miners were the most important events of the year. I present you a review of the year 2010: the most important events that marked 2010!

January 4 | Burj Kalifa, the talest building ever build, was opened in Dubai in a spectacular firework ceremony, although Dubai is confrunting with a big real estate crise.

January 12 | A strong earthquake with the magnitude 7.0 devasted Haiti and killed 220.000 people. Because of the earthquake, the haitians confrunted in october with a cholera epidemic.

January 26 | Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time and James Cameron hits the jackpot again after Alien 2, The Terminator – Judgment Day, Titanic and Spiderman. The canadian film producer  has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Picture (shared with Jon Landau), Best Director and Best Film Editing.

January 27 | Steve Jobs launches the Ipad tablet, the Apple latest gadget.

27 February | A massive 8,8 earthquake followed by tsunami hits the coast of central Chile. 500 people died but the damages weren’t so big compare with Haiti.

March 26 | A South Korean Navy ship was sunk by a Nort Korean torpedo. It was the begining of the diplomatic crise between the two powers.

April 10 | The polish president Lech Kaczynski and many other polish political and social senior figures died in a plane crash in Rusia.

April 14 | The Evjafjallajokull volcano erupted and created an ash cloud that led to the closure of most european countries airspace for 5 days. Many flights in Europe were cancelled and this was the biggest travel disruption sincer World War II.

May 6 | For the first time since World War II, in UK, after the general elections, the Britain government is led by a coalition.

June 11 | The Football World Cup got underway in South Africa. It was the first major football competion held on the black continent. Spain beat Holland in the final with a late goal winner, scored by Iniesta, Barcelona’s midfielder.

June 24 | Great match at Wimbledon. It was the longest game in the tennis history! John Isner beat Nicholas Mahut with 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-7, 70-68 and they played this match for three days.

October 13 | 33 chilean miners that were trapped underground, in a mine, for 69 days, were winched safely out. 1 billion people watched the event on television.

November 14 | Sebastian Vettel became the youngest ever Formula One World Driver’s Champion. Michael Schumacher returned to Formula 1 and Bild launched a joke: we needed the return of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 that a German has also won this competition.

Novermber 23 | North Korea launches a military attack over a South Korea island and the South respond with a similar atack. The diplomatic issues aren’t solved.

December 7 | Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was arrested In London after on the website were published confidential U.S. embassy cables.


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