Ireland’s economy, from the Cliffs of Moher

Ireland. 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. It’s cold. In fact, it’s damn freezing! The dark sky and the blue Ocean make for a breathtaking view. The grass is so green that you even feel the urge to pasture but the rain drops begin to make their presence felt. Far away are the Aran Island and you can see them better if you are on the top of the O’Brien Tower.

After this mesmerizing landscape, here comes the reality. Ireland’s government just approved the IMF bailout on the 15th of December. A relief for the time being, but not something to be comfortable with on the long term.

In the past, Ireland had been very praised for its economy and standard of living. Now, it has taken a loan from the IMF while Gael, the opposition party which is most likely to take power in 2011, has threatened to undo the package. While Irish banks risk bankruptcy now, Ireland has the demeanor of an acrobat walking on a wire.

From December 30th until the 4th of January, you can read here a small log about Ireland.


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