Die Hard V: The Boxing Day

All the shopaholics from across the United Kingdom gathered in the morning at the retailers gates. The Boxing Day was a succes and the shoppers spent over £2,5 billion only on 26 of December. It didn’t matter that it was snowing and the streets were covered with thin ice or the fact that the London subway workers went on a one day strike, disrupting service during the Boxing Day.
Hundreds of thousands people trampled to grab as any discounts that they could saw. Because the VAT is set to rise from 17,5% to 20% starting with January 4, it was a good motivation to face the cold for the big sales.

Only yesterday the shoppers spent 2,5 billion pounds, as the analysts are expecting that another £2,5 billion will be spent on sales between the Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

“It wasn’t like in the old days”, were whispering the merchants. Last year, in December, the shopaholics spent £35,5 billion. ‘For shoppers there has never been a better time to buy than between Boxing Day and January 3. Great deals on many items will be available, in particular on electrical and household goods such as TVs and washing machines”, said the MoneySupermarket Spokesman, Simon James.

Some figures…
£2,5 billion were spent on sales on Boxing Day
75,000 shoppers packed the Manchester Trafford Center, 150.000 were in Arndale Center, 56.000 in Southampton west Key, 100.000 on Bluewater in Kent, 10.000 were at Brent Cross Shopping Center in London and 80.000 were at London’s Selfridges
£22.5 billion will be spent by the shoppers until January 3
£323 million were spent from home via online shops


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