FOTO / Places where you shouldn’t go for New Years Eve

There ar forgeten cities on Earth. Once upon a time some vibrante places, now they are just an ugly shadow. The trees and the weeds are growing trough the deserted buildings. For who’s not decided where to party for New Years Eve, these are the five places where you shouldn’t ever make a vacation.

Prypiat was founded in 1970 to host the workers from the Cernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The poulation was around 50,000 people in 1979 and the average age of the poulation was 26 years. The city was abandoned after the nuclear disaster in 1986 and it became a ruin, because the buildings were vandalised. The cripiest landscape in Pryapat is an abandoned Ferris Wheel.

Sanzhi is an abandoned luxurios resort in Taiwan. It was build in 1981, the style was very futuristic but it was considered to be cursed because many people died in fatal accidents. The houses are like the UFO’s and the city can be toured.

Varossa is a small city in the North Cyprus Republic. 30 years ago it was a very known touristic city in the Famagusta region. When the turkish army tooked the control of the city, all the area was depopulated and it was forbiden to go back to the city. There hasn’t been done mentenance work for the buildings since 1974, so, the city has been degraded and now it’s a ruin.

Craco is an italian city made in 1060 and reached 2000 people, the maximum population, in 1922. 1300 went to North America and the others left the city step by step because of the earthquakes that were very often in that period.

Kolmanskop is a city in Namibia, in the middle of no where. It was build by the desperate people hungry for wealth. They thought that they could find diamants there, so they build in the desert a casino, a hospital and some residential houses. In the ’50 years the people left the city that now is all covered with sand dunes.

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