Is it, really?

The year 2011 will mark the beginning of a new expedition to Mars. NASA launched in November 2010 the robot Curiosit. The Mars Rover will colect data from Mars to see if there can be life on this planet. The experts calculated that the robot will land on Mars in august 2012.
The research has begun in 2004 when NASA experts discovered particles of methan gas in Mars atmosphere. On Earth, methan comes from the living things below Mars surface.

The critics are saying that the gas comes and goes on a seasonal time-table, so there could be life, but it’s not something permanently, like on Earth.

Curiosity Robot will be launched to Mars from Cape Canaveral towards the end of this year. When he will land on Mars, he must colect and provide datas, like:
– daily weather reports (it’s belived that the temperature will drop to minus 130 Celsius degrees
– record the air pressure and the ground temperature
– record the wind speed
– record the levels of humidity
– monitoring the ultraviolet radiation


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