Ireland rescue mission: betting on the ded horse

I got out from the Dublin Airport. Next is a half of rain drops and fine like powder. After, there is the bus, just in time to take me to Limerick. The distance, 206 km, is traveled with the bus in 4 hours. Dublin it’s the capital of Ireland. It’s very trepidating, especialy when the … Continue reading

FOTO / Places where you shouldn’t go for New Years Eve

There ar forgeten cities on Earth. Once upon a time some vibrante places, now they are just an ugly shadow. The trees and the weeds are growing trough the deserted buildings. For who’s not decided where to party for New Years Eve, these are the five places where you shouldn’t ever make a vacation.

Die Hard V: The Boxing Day

All the shopaholics from across the United Kingdom gathered in the morning at the retailers gates. The Boxing Day was a succes and the shoppers spent over £2,5 billion only on 26 of December. It didn’t matter that it was snowing and the streets were covered with thin ice or the fact that the London … Continue reading

Ireland’s economy, from the Cliffs of Moher

Ireland. 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. It’s cold. In fact, it’s damn freezing! The dark sky and the blue Ocean make for a breathtaking view. The grass is so green that you even feel the urge to pasture but the rain drops begin to make their presence felt. Far away are the Aran Island … Continue reading